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Electrical installation

Lighting, Automotive, Automation

I & O test | El.Testing

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Realization of electrical installations in medium and low voltage industries, transformation centers, office buildings, hotels and residential complexes, as well as commercial premises and homes. It also performs the assembly of electrical panels for protection, distribution and industrial.

  • Rush and lines of force
  • Industrial automation
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • Testing and control
  • Start up

Lighting, Automotive, Automation

Installation and realization of lighting projects for homes, industry and commerce, interior and exterior decorative lighting, energy efficiency together with decorative elements being the determining factors in this type of project.

We have a lot of experience in the automation field. In our portfolio there are some jobs for Renault, Amazon, Ulog, Daher or Carrefour.

Within the offer to the customer of an integrated and global solution, the company is committed to the execution of facilities called “special” such as: structured cable, data wiring, installation of alarms, CCTV, fire prevention, CO detection, etc … The continuous training of our technician and the continuous renewal of equipment, as well as the support of consolidated manufacturers in each of the areas, makes us a sure choice of success in the projects of our clients.

I & O test | El.Testing

Electrical measurements and tests

Measuring and testing work is a mandatory step that must pass through any electrical installation. It is important that the measurement and testing work must be carried out to identify defects and dangerous anomalies in the object under test.

Main steps

Before carrying out the work, we conduct a visual inspection of the appearance of the electrical installation, and in the event of discrepancies, we compile a list of the identified defects. After elimination of defects, it proceeds to the tests and measurements of the electrical installation in the following volume:

• Measuring the resistance of grounding devices;
• Measurements of insulation resistance of wires, cables and electrical equipment;
• Tests of protective shutdown devices (RCDs)
• Measurement of the impedance of the circuit “phase-zero”

Supply of materials

We supply all types of electrical equipment according to your needs and spacifications. Thus we become your partner to complete your project.

Estimation of projects

We estimate the final price of the project according to the documentation provided.